Factory reset galaxy s4: Easy way to hard reset and 7 tips to avoid freezing problem

//Factory reset galaxy s4: Easy way to hard reset and 7 tips to avoid freezing problem

Factory reset Galaxy S4: why should you know about hard reset hard reset Galaxy S4. Is this not batter to avoid resetting your Samsung Galaxy instead of hard reset or restore settings?

Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular Smartphone of Samsung. Over millions of people using this phone and still happy to buy this phone, because of its few specific feature which made this phone different from others high value Smartphone. Lots of people using this phone for long time and if you are one of them you also fall in love with your Galaxy S4. Isn’t it?

If you using this phone for a long time, of course you customize your Galaxy S4 based on your interest, changed settings based on your necessary and usage.

But if you apply hard reset process on your Galaxy S4, all of settings and customization going to be restored with Galaxy S4 factory settings. So I think it’s very helpful to know, how to avoid factory reset Galaxy S4.

Why you need to factory reset Galaxy S4

  1. If you think your phone responding you very slow.
  2. Once you open more than one application on your phone and you get freezing problem due to play games long time or maybe for other issues into your Galaxy S4.
  3. Once you forget your Galaxy S4 pattern lock and you need to restore the password.
  4. You think your phone working good, but suddenly your Galaxy S4 won’t turn on. Then you can try to hard reset via 2nd method as I written below.
  5. If you want to sell your Galaxy S4 and you don’t want to share your personal details other, you may apply this process to format your Galaxy S4 phone.
  6. At last if you need to restore Galaxy S4 default factory settings just for improve your phone performance, you may also apply this hard reset process.

In this post I have written 3 most popular reset process of Galaxy S4. You may apply any of this process to improve your Galaxy S4 performance.

If your Galaxy S4 responding you too slower than normal Smartphone. Once you open multiple apps on your phone and due to this reason if your Galaxy S4 get freeze and not observe your command you can apply this process for fixed your phone. But if you can access into your Galaxy S4, then you can apply this factory reset process. But if you can’t access your phone then you have to try the next method.

Factory reset Galaxy S4: using settings menu

  1. Turn on your phone and go to settings menuGalaxy reset by menu-1
  1. Scroll down your phone to bottom and select “Back up and reset”.Galaxy Back up and reset by menu-2
  1. And then tap on “Factory data reset” under the Back up and reset menu.Galaxy Factory data reset by menu-3
  1. Now tap on “Reset device” on the next screen.Galaxy reset device-4
  1. Once you tap on “Reset device” on the next screen tap on “Erase everything”.Galaxy Erase Everything by menu-5

Once you tap on Erase now, your Galaxy S4 will reboot itself and your all kind of phone settings, installed apps, customization and all of personal data will erased automatically. So please Back up your all of persona data on PC or any of cloud server like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

How to restore Galaxy S4 factory settings using the hardware keys combinations

If you forget your Galaxy S4 pattern lock / screen lock, and you tried to entire into your phone too many times via using the wrong password or wrong pattern lock, as a result your phone might be locked for couple of hours or maybe 24-48 hours. And now you are not able to entire into your Galaxy S4 settings menu, for apply Galaxy S4 factory reset process. And if your Galaxy S4 won’t turn on then how could you apply for this resetting process!! Yes still you can fixed your phone via yourself.

Hard reset Galaxy S4: using hardware keys

  1. Press and hold the Power key to shut down your Galaxy S4.Samsung Galaxy hard reset-turn off

Select power off. If your Galaxy S4 won’t turn on and you don’t have any option for switch off your phone, then you don’t need to shut down it.

  1. Remove your phone battery, wait for 20-30 second and put it back into your phone.
  2. Now press Volume up key, Home button and Power key together until you feel vibrate and see the Galaxy S4 recovery option on the screen.
  3. Now select wipe data/factory reset by using Volume down key and confirm via Power button.Samsung galaxy wipe data-factory reset
  1. And then on the next screen please select “delete all user data” and confirm via power key.Samsung galaxy delete all user data-2
  1. Once you confirm delete all user data, you can see wiping data on the screen and it will be complete in couple of second.Samsung galaxy wipe data complete-3
  1. Once Galaxy S4 wiping is complete, then select “reboot system now”.Samsung galaxy reboot system now

Once you confirm reboot system now, your Galaxy S4 will shut down and get back turn ON itself. Once your Galaxy S4 turn on itself, that means your Galaxy S4 hard reset has been completed and it’s restore with Samsung default factory setting. And I hopefully your pattern lock problem will be fixed and you can reset your Galaxy S4 password easily with new pass-code.

When we going to factory reset Galaxy or hard reset Galaxy S4, this may take little time and we need to complete few easy steps for restore Galaxy factory settings. But if you want to do all of these things at once, I mean hard reset your Galaxy just in a simple way. You can just follow 3rd process to reset your Galaxy S4 via using factory format reset code.

Factory reset Galaxy S4: using factory format reset code

  1. At first please turn on your Galaxy S4 and dial this code *2767*3855#Samsung galaxy factory reset by code 1
  1. Once your type this code on your phone, your Galaxy S4 got shut down instantly and will start rebooting itself. Please don’t touch any button; Galaxy S4 will do everything itself.Samsung galaxy factory reset by code step 2

But before you apply this reset code, be sure you Back up your phone. Because once you type this code into your Galaxy S4, you will not get any option to choose.

Everybody likes to use their phone without restore settings and keep it normal for long time as possible. Please follow this tips below to avoid reboot your Galaxy S4 settings for a long time.

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7 Tips to avoid factory reset Samsung Galaxy S4 – freezing problem

  1. Update your Galaxy S4 firmware version.
  2. Check out your internal storage from time to time, while you see your Galaxy S4 have low storage on the phone memory, then remove some unwanted apps.
  3. And try to avoid big games which take high space to install and crashed often.
  4. While a games or android apps crashed often, please remove / uninstall that applications and re install the newer version or update that apps this may fixed the unwanted errors on your Galaxy S4.
  5. Install apps into your external storage like SD card slot, which will help you to avoid slow response and freezing problem of your Galaxy S4.
  6. Try to keep available free space on your phone internal memory that will increase your Galaxy S4 performance. Because while you run any apps or games into your phone that runs from your phone internal storage. Instance when we run any application on our PC or play any song on it. This performs from our C drive; however we store it on another drive. Smartphone program also play the same role as your PC.
  7. Scan your phone using antivirus software this process will remove snippet errors from your phone and keep safe your personal information to sync any third-party. (You can get free antivirus apps on Google play store)

If you follow these rules I hope you can use your phone for long time without facing any critical problem and you need to factory reset your Galaxy S4 very seldom compared to others.

What will be happened once you apply Galaxy S4 hard reset process

Your all of personal details will be erased instantly. All kind of Galaxy settings that you were set before will be formatted automatically once you apply this factory reset process. All of your phone call list, saved phone number, music, videos, and images will be formatted which you saved on the phone memory. But your SD card storage doesn’t have any harmful problem due to this Galaxy formatting.

So I suggest you before apply hard reset method into your Galaxy S4, please don’t forget to back up your phone into your PC or any cloud server.

If you faced any other problem into your Galaxy S4 and if it’s not fixed even you apply any of this process, please don’t hesitate to comment below we are always happy to help you.

Samsung galaxy S4 review: after observed more than 2350 satisfied user, Read more reviews

The Galaxy S4 follows up the tremendously popular Galaxy S3 and helps to not only those loyal to the line, but also to entice anyone who has held out until now. The design of the S4 is largely derivative of its older counterpart, particularly in the white model. You have the white bezel shrunken down to accommodate the five-inch screen, flatter sides and different layout for the rear camera and speakers. Otherwise the button layout is just about the same as it was on the S3.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


The back cover is still removable. You not only get access into the SD card slot and battery but you can even buy accessory covers like the Smart cover or the Wireless charging cover for added functionality. But the phone continues Smamsung’s trend of plastic bodies and covers. It may be material choice that is starting to get old but nonetheless, anyone who has used an S3 in the past will feel right at home here.

Let me reiterate that. The Samsung Galaxy S4 feels pretty much like its ancestor. While the general aesthetic might be getting a little played out, remember that there is so much improvement everywhere else and yet it is actually smaller than the S3. With the same height, the Galaxy S4 shreds fraction of the S3’s thickness & is even a little bit confined. Most important here however is that the S4 is even lighter. Though it might only be three grams lighter, there is a balancing to the Galaxy S4 that makes it feel like a feather.

You can definitely call that a victory in the design department as this is the best handling five-inch screen device out there. Shortly after receiving this unit, I was able to text, chat, browse and play with one hand comfortably. The flat sides make the phone easy to grip with your fingers and palm. Any hand gymnastics typically needed for a five inch screen are at their least required when using this phone. Only rarely did I need to use my other hand to reach the very top left corner of the screen.

Galaxy S4 Display

Perhaps the most obvious improvement at first glance is the display. Samsung brought their super amulet tech up to 5 inch screen capable of 1080p resolution and 441 ppi. The result is one of the best displays on the Smartphone period. Not only is it easily viewable in almost any condition. It is also capable of the some very step viewing angles. The uber colorful touch res UI benefits from the screen’s high saturation, making colors pop out and basically punch you in the face. Reading anything on the screen is easy too, as text is incredibly sharp.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Move under the screen and you will find that the Galaxy S4 is among the fastest phones around. It has the quad core Snapdragon 600 processor that is only currently found on about a few other Smart devices and is a big leap from the S4 pro. It is not the Exynos Octa core that we may have heard about but this process or package definitely included in North American models is still an incredible performer.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


I was zipping through all elements of the UI and multitasking with no problems. A few tests and tow-two benchmark put the Samsung Galaxy S4 right around the very impressive 25 thousand mark. Adreno 320 performance at very high ratings and the two gigabytes are available for all of their multitasking pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy S4 hardwareFactory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Hardware is what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has in spades. The speaker is no front facing boom sound but it is quite loud and is far from tiny. The S4 is then not only sporting expandable memory and a replaceable battery but a host of new sensors and utilities for a bunch of uses.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


First one we will list is an IR blaster capable of controlling a host of TVs, Set Top boxes and players. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are your standards while NFC with SV makes it return. But there are many sensors add in that complement the typical accelerometer and proximity sensor.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


You know have a barometer and a temperature gauge to check the general conditions around you, and RGB light sensor that helps adjust the color and white balance of the screen based on its detection of light, an infrared sensor for all hand and air gestures and a whole sensor for detecting closed Smart converse and finally a compass.

What is perhaps best about these additions is that software inclusions make them all useful in one way or another but we will get to that soon.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Galaxy S4 Battery performance

The battery unit included with the S4 is of a higher capacity than most 5 inch screen device offerings. 2600 milliamp hours are able to power this one for quite a while, making the end of the day a little less precarious for the common user. With a bit of a robust test using Wi-Fi and Netflix movies, the phone finally knocked out at right under the four-hour mark. Otherwise straight browsing time and playing videos from memory certainly came in at impressive long times, usually around eight or so hours on Wi-Fi without disabling sync. It is definitely among the longest lasting 5 inch screen devices available and with the ability to replace the battery when it at last runs out of juice, you actually shouldn’t have any power issues on the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Improvements on the camera start off pretty standard. Thirteen megapixels are what you get this time around while the front facing camera gets two. Additions are all in the application itself in which there are now a bunch of new ways to use those optics.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Ones you may expect include best face which takes a burst shot and allows you to replace deleted faces to find the right one you need for that shot.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Animated photo which just basically takes that burst shot and creates animated gifts from them.

Factory reset Galaxy S4 - Featured

Factory reset Galaxy S4 – Featured


HDR and Panorama.  You are also able to use both the front and rear facing cameras in order to create a dual shot picture or video. Now the big editions take further advantage of those burst shots via eraser mode and drama shot. Eraser detects the objects that move aside from your subject and background and erases anything not meant to be in the picture.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Drama shot instead adds the moving subject on top of the stable background, creating a nice-looking one picture burst subject. Both are nice to use as long as your device and general background are stable.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Picture quality in the Galaxy S4 is really quite good. Just as the S3 was considered a great performer in the eight megapixel space, the S4 is among the best in the 13 megapixel space. You get a great deal of detail and the color shot saturation is high enough to make any picture nice and vibrant. With great quality and a host of ways to take a picture, the Galaxy S4 is definitely at the top of the list of smart hone cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S4 softwareFactory reset Galaxy S4- Review


And finally we get to the software. ToughWiz is an Android UI that you either love or hate. Personally I’ve never been a big fan of its more bloated and yet uber colorful look though the great quality of the screen certainly helps make those colors really go nuts. But this time around with the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 powered version of Samsung’s UI, I actually didn’t immediately replace it with a different launcher. Well, that might happen eventually. I have found why it is more tolerable this time around. It’s the size of the screen. High resolution display often run the risk of making things uncomfortably small or weirdly spaced out. But the Galaxy S4 already enlarged and bloated TouchWiz elements translate perfectly to the 1080p display.

What you will get is an easily accessible interface that even with the smallest font size, it’s simple to navigate without having to squint or pinpoint. There are a number of new ways to get around in built-in   apps. It might be a little daunting to look through all of these but a large power widget in the notification dropdown gives you a quick glimpse. There are motion features that return like direct calling which cause the contact currently displayed automatically when the phone is brought to your face or muting when turning your phone over on to its face.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


Samsung Galaxy S4: screen air view

A sensitive screen allows you to get around even when wearing gloves as well as use your finger like an S Pen to get quick previews of gallery albums. I think the most practical application of this air view is previewing your last received text. Then there are all of the different air gestures that take advantage of the motion sensor. You can jump through a webpage, go to the next picture, and change the music track.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


My favorite one is a quick info screen that pops up after you wave your hand. It’s brilliant way to quickly get the time, date and notifications of missed calls and text. Quick tip though, use some finesse. The sensor has to pick up the movement for the gesture to register so you don’t have to do it so fast.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Smart screen

Smart screen capability has utilized the front facing camera to detect if you’re still looking. The screen will stay on as long as the phone is at an angle and eyes are still on the screen. Smart pause will pause a video playing when you look away.

Factory reset Galaxy S4- ReviewFactory reset Galaxy S4- Review


I personally like the Smart Scroll. Let the phone detect your eyes after which you can slightly tilt your head to look at the bottom or top of the screen which will scroll a webpage accordingly. You just have to take that extra second or two to allow the phone to detect your eyes. New apps included are the S Translator which allows for voice and text translation among about a dozen different languages, Story Album which puts your pictures together in a nice flip book format and group play which allows you to connect to a bunch of other S4 devices to share pictures, documents, presentations and music. While I don’t have other units to demonstrate this right now, I can say it is a really cool feature especially when you have five total devices put together and make every single one play one of the five channels of music.

Galaxy S4 S Health

And finally there’s S Health, perhaps the biggest endeavor. If you have ever used multiple diet or exercise tracking applications, Samsung has tried to consolidate them all into S Health. You can track food from a database or from information you add in yourself, track physical activity, log weight and even use the thermometer and barometer to check humidity and temperature of your surroundings.Factory reset Galaxy S4- Review


The driver scope in the S4 can also be set on for tracking your steps. If your phone is in your pocket, why not put it to some work still? All of these features will be further augmented with a number of accessories you can buy like a heart rate monitor, a wrist pedometer and weight scale. It’s actually a nice suite of diet application that can help anyone who gets into the habit of tracking to get into shape.

At the end I will say this. Samsung put a lot of work into making sure their S4 offers the most to its users. All of these sensors give many ways to performing tasks we’ve gotten used to doing with just our fingertips. Other features like Group play and the camera additions are neat tricks that are fun to use once you find the time to use them. S Health will help anyone proactive enough to use it.

You’re given choices on how to tackle pretty much any typical task and if you don’t want to use those particular features, well, you really don’t have to. But just like Samsung, the company itself, it’s all there for you. One day you just might end up trying it out serendipitously or even out of sheer boredom and then before you know it, you’ve fallen in love.


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