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About ResetTips.com

Hello friends!!

My name is Rony Jahid. I was a full time freelancer and worked on freelancer.com since last 6 years still yet and expect to be continue. With my current job, I am just thinking I have promoted my lots of employer valuable website to their specific audience, some are about health related, some are technology related, some about real stated business website, some are electronic websites and so many other websites too. Recently I have reading more about technology and Smart devices and see lots of people facing verities kind of problem into their device and they ask each others for solution.I regard why I am not open a website / blog that will help those people who like to fixed their Smart devices snippet or Critical problem by them self. As a result I have stated to write about: how to fix your Smart devices by Factory reset / hard reset or any other Reset Tips or tricks that will improve your Smart phone or devices.

I have bought my domain name: ResetTips.com I will post all kind of Smart devices Reset Tips & Tricks as many as possible for my readers. Please stay tune with us for increase your technical knowledge. If you have any kind of Q & A please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to response you ASAP.

Rony Jahid