Factory Reset Galaxy s2 : Fix freezing – hanging and speed up Galaxy S2

//Factory Reset Galaxy s2 : Fix freezing – hanging and speed up Galaxy S2

Factory reset Galaxy S2: Do you think your Galaxy s2 got death ? Follow the step by step easy instruction to Samsung Galaxy s2 factory reset. Before we go through you should know why and how to hard reset Galaxy s2.
Galaxy s2 works with 2G Network GSM 850 – 900 -1800 – 1900 and 3G Network HSDPA 900 – 1900 -2100. The Galaxy s2 will work good, for voice but you have to double check if you expect 3G 1700 or with the 3G 2100 frequency is ok to use this phone for data connection in your area.

I have using the Galaxy S2 GT – 19100 I using this for last 2 years still yet it’s very user friendly. But at sometimes when I open the message inbox Galaxy s2 shows the time that I read the inbox message, not the exact time it was sent. As a result I feel bothering about this issue. Sometimes it’s got hanged due to play game for a hours or two. And few others kind of problem like freezing – hanging etc. If you don’t know how to fix Galaxy s2 freezing or hanging problem, I suggest you can reset Samsung Galaxy s2 very easily. Follow the steps below for apply Galaxy s2 Back up and reset. Also you like to know the 5 simple tips about how to Speed up your Samsung Galaxy that’s really works.

Factory reset Galaxy S2: using settings menu to fix freezing – hanging problem

  1. Turn on your phone and go to settings menuGalaxy reset by menu-1
  1. Scroll down your phone to bottom and select “Back up and reset”.Galaxy Back up and reset by menu-2
  1. And then tap on “Factory data reset” under the Back up and reset menu.Factory reset Galaxy by menu-3
  1. Now tap on “Reset device” on the next screen.Galaxy reset device-4
  1. Once you tap on “Reset device” on the next screen tap on “Erase everything / Delete All”.Galaxy Erase Everything by menu-5

Once you tap on Erase now, your Galaxy s2 will reboot itself and your all kind of phone settings, installed apps, customization and all of personal data will erased automatically. So please Backup your all of persona data on PC or any of cloud server like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

How to hard reset Galaxy s2 using the hardware keys combinations

Galaxy s2 got death ? Would you like to try the last treatment for awaken your Galaxy S2 or If you forget your Galaxy s2 pattern lock / screen lock, and you tried to entire into your phone too many times via using the wrong password or wrong pattern lock, as a result your phone might be locked for couple of hours or maybe 24-48 hours. And now you are not able to access into your Galaxy S2 settings menu, for apply Galaxy S2 factory reset process. Also if your Galaxy S2 won’t turn on then how could you apply <span id=”” class=”” data-sheets-value=”

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