Factory reset Galaxy S3 – 3 easy process

//Factory reset Galaxy S3 – 3 easy process

How to factory reset Galaxy S3, why you need to factory reset as called hard reset Galaxy S3. How to avoid Galaxy S3 hard reset, if you forget your Galaxy S3 pattern lock, how you can reset this password. Today I will discuss and share my experience about these particular issues. At first Galaxy S3 at a glance…

Samsung Galaxy S3 review after observing multiple users of this particular phone

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has rocking 4.8” super Amoled HD screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720. Technical jargon aside it could be summed up pretty easily.

The display of Galaxy S3 is huge and excellent looking. Text is very clear and colors really pop 306 pixels per inch screen. The size also gives you tons of room for content reading which a huge plus is, if you’re coming from something smaller such as the iPhone 4. I still like the screen on the HTC One X more but at this point I’m basically splitting hairs, both of phones have phenomenal displays.

The Galaxy S3 comes in two colors blue & white. I have the Pebble Blue variant and there are some differences including a metal-like textured finish. Up top is the speaker’s grille, notifications LED, proximity and light sensors together with the 1.9 megapixel front facing camera.factory reset galaxy s3

Below you’ll find the physical home button along with capacitive back and menu keys. For some reason Samsung likes to put the sleep/wake button on the right edge of the phone instead of up top like most other Smartphone manufacturers. It’s certainly not a big deal but it is something to get used to.

On the left side are the volume rocker and you can also see they’ve made it look like it has a taper with the accent. The bottom contains your Micro USB port as well as microphone. Flip it around back and you’ll see the 8 megapixel together with LED Flash and a speaker.factory reset galaxy s3-speakers

One nice thing about the Galaxy S3 is that you can still remove the rear cover which is a feature more phones like IPhone could include. Here you can also easily get at the battery, Micro SIM card of up to 64 GB to add more storage to the Galaxy S3. Overall I like the design. There are few odd things such as the physical home button combined with two capacitive once and the all plastic build. That said being able to replace the battery and having a Micro SIM helps a lot. It all reminds me a bit of the first Galaxy S. it’s nothing spectacular but you won’t hear any complaints out of me.

As far as Galaxy S3 software goes there’s a ton to cover so let jump right on in.

The Galaxy S3 currently runs Android 4.0.4, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich with the touchwiz skin. Generally I’m not a fan of skins for Android but I’ve got to say TouchWiz makes a pretty good case for itself with a ton of unique features. Some of bit silly but some are generally great. One thing Samsung really pushing are their new Motion features. These allow you to do things like call a contact by bringing the phone up to your ear.factory reset galaxy s3 -Motion

You can also mute the phone by flipping it over. The calling a contact is pretty useful but of the others aren’t as much as they only work in specific apps instead of system wide.

There are also other interesting features. Smart stay uses the front facing camera to monitor your face to see if you’re still using the phone.factory reset galaxy s3 -Smart stay

And the phone will shut off the display if you’re not.factory reset galaxy s3 -Smart eye

I expected this to be a gimmick but honestly it works quite well for the most part and didn’t cause any noticeable battery drain.

Galaxy S3 advanced video feature compare to other high value phone

Pop up player is also really cool. If you’re watching a video in the default video player you can press a button and video will overlay on the top of the screen and allow you to do anything you want. Impressively this only slow the phone down very slightly and can be moved around anywhere on the screen you want. Probably the biggest downside is that this doesn’t work with any other video playing apps but it’s still a nice feature.

You will also find Samsung’s answer to Siri, S Voice. In general it works but the voice is pretty grating and there’s no doubt that is just isn’t up to the accuracy or level of functionality that Apple has gotten. Jokes on the others hand, it can definitely handle.factory reset galaxy s3 - Samsung Siri

The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has built-in NFC. You can use this to beam files from Android devices or pay for things with Google Wallet.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 processor System

The Galaxy S3 powered by a qualcomm Snapdragon S4 System on a Chip with a dual core 1.5GHz processor and Adriano 225 Graphics, just like in the US version of the HTC One X. Where it differentiates itself is with a whopping 2GB of RAM. Apps tend to stay open forever and everything runs butter smooth.

About Galaxy S3 Camera

The Camera is Pretty Familiar, it’s got the same sensor from the iPhone 4S. Needless to say it’s excellent as far as Smartphone cameras go and it’s also backed up by solid software. The camera app is quick and has some cool features including Burst Shot to take up to 20 pictures in just a couple of seconds as well as being able to snap 6 mega pixels stills while recording 1080p video. It’s going to be more than enough for Skype, for Google+ chats etc.

The Galaxy S3 is available on all of the major US carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular. Please check out the Best Price of Samsung Galaxy S3 if you are looking to buy this awesome featured phone in a cheapest price.

Get back to the point about how to factory reset Galaxy S3 as called hard reset.

How to factory reset Galaxy S3 via settings menu

If your Galaxy S3 responding you too slower than normal Smartphone. Once you open multiple apps on your phone and due to this reason if your Galaxy S3 get freeze and not observe your command you can apply this process for fixed your phone. But if you can access into your Galaxy S3, then you can apply this factory reset process via Samsung Galaxy settings menu.

Follow these easy steps to factory reset Galaxy S3

  1. Turn on your phone and go to settings menuFactory reset Galaxy S3 by menu-1, provided by ResetTips.com
  1. Scroll down your phone to bottom and select “Back up and reset”.Factory reset Galaxy S3 Back up and reset by menu-2, provided by ResetTips.com
  1. And then tap on “Factory data reset” under the Back up and reset menu.Galaxy Factory data reset by menu-3
  1. Now tap on “Reset device” on the next screen.Galaxy reset device-4
  1. Once you tap on “Reset device” on the next screen tap on “Erase everything”.Galaxy Erase Everything by menu-5

Once you tap on Erase now, your Galaxy S3 will reboot itself and your all kind of phone settings, installed apps, customization and all of personal data will erased automatically. So please Back up your all of persona data on PC or any of cloud server like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

How to hard reset/factory reset Galaxy S3 with the hardware keys combinations

If you forget your Galaxy S3 pattern lock / screen lock, and you tried to entire into your phone too many times via using the wrong password or wrong pattern lock, as a result your phone might be locked for couple of hours or maybe 24-48 hours. And now you are not able to entire into your Galaxy S3 settings menu, for apply Galaxy S3 factory reset process. And if your Galaxy S3 won’t turn on then how could you apply for this resetting process!! Yes still you can fixed your phone via yourself.

Follow these easy steps for hard reset Galaxy S3 via hardware keys

  1. Press and hold the Power key to shut down your Galaxy S3.Factory reset Galaxy - Turned off - provided by ResetTips.com

Select power off. If your Galaxy S3 won’t turn on and you don’t have any option for switch off your phone, then you don’t need to shut down it.

  1. Remove your phone battery, wait for 20-30 second and put it back into your phone.
  2. Now press Volume up key, Home button and Power key together until you feel vibrate and see the Galaxy S3 recovery option on the screen.
  3. Now select wipe data/factory reset by using Volume down key and confirm via Power button.Samsung galaxy wipe data-factory reset
  1. And then on the next screen please select “delete all user data” and confirm via power key.Samsung galaxy delete all user data-2
  1. Once you confirm delete all user data, you can see wiping data on the screen and it will be complete in couple of second.Samsung galaxy wipe data complete-3
  1. Once Galaxy S3 wiping is complete, then select “reboot system now”.Samsung galaxy reboot system now

Once you confirm reboot system now, your Galaxy S3 will shut down and get back turn On itself. Once your Galaxy S3 turn on itself, that means factory reset Galaxy S3 as hard reset has been completed and it’s restore with Samsung default factory setting. And I hopefully your pattern lock problem will be fixed and you can reset your Galaxy S3 password easily with new pass code.

When we going to factory reset Galaxy or hard reset Galaxy S3, this may take little time and we need to complete few easy steps for restore Galaxy factory settings. But if you want to do all of these things at once, I mean hard reset your Galaxy just in a simple way. You can just follow these very simple steps.

Factory reset Galaxy S3 via dialing factory format reset code

  1. At first please turn on your Galaxy S3 and dial this code *2767*3855#Samsung galaxy factory reset by code 1
  1. Once your type this code on your phone, your Galaxy S3 got shut down instantly and will start rebooting itself. Please don’t touch any button, Galaxy S3 will do everything itself.Samsung galaxy factory reset by code step 2

But before you apply this reset code, be sure you Back up your phone. Because once you type this code into your Galaxy S3, you will not get any option to choose.

Why you need to apply factory reset Galaxy S3 or hard reset Galaxy method

If you don’t facing any problem into your Galaxy S3, then my writing will be meaningless and you don’t need to hard reset your Galaxy S3. Know the multiple reasons below, that’s why you need to hard reset or factory reset Galaxy S3.

  1. If you think you get very slow response from your Galaxy S3.
  2. Once you open more than one application on your phone and you get freezing problem due to play games long time or maybe for other issues.
  3. Once you forget your Galaxy S3 pattern lock and you need to restore the password.
  4. You think your phone working good, but suddenly your Galaxy S3 won’t turn on. Then you can try to hard reset via 2nd method has already been discussed.
  5. If you want to sell your Galaxy S3 and you don’t want to share your personal details other, you may apply this process to format your Galaxy S3 phone.
  6. At last if you need to restore Galaxy S3 default factory settings just for improve your phone performance, you may also apply this hard reset process.

What will be happened once you apply Galaxy S3 hard reset process

Your all of personal details will be erased instantly. All kind of Galaxy settings that you were set before will be formatted automatically once you apply this factory reset process. All of your phone call list, saved phone number, music, videos, and images will be formatted which you saved on the phone memory. But your SD card storage doesn’t have any harmful problem due to this Galaxy formatting.

So I suggest you before apply hard reset method into your Galaxy S3, please don’t forget to back up your phone into your PC or any cloud server.

If you faced any other problem into your Galaxy S3 and if it’s not fixed even you apply any of this process, please don’t hesitate to comment below we are always happy to help you.

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