Factory reset Galaxy s5: 5 simple tips to speed up Galaxy s5

//Factory reset Galaxy s5: 5 simple tips to speed up Galaxy s5

Factory reset Galaxy S5: you just know about Galaxy S5 factory reset, is this enough knowledge to restore your phone again?

I mean you just know, how to hard reset Galaxy S5, but you don’t know how to backup Galaxy S5 into cloud – SD card – into your PC. So if you don’t know the process, once your Galaxy S5 reset then how you restore your personal information, like contact number, photos, music – video, browsing history, Wi-Fi settings and other information into your phone.

If you don’t backup your phone before apply factory reset as called hard reset method, your all of personal data will be erased automatically once you perform this process. So I hope you would like to know the complete process about soft reset – hard reset – factory reset – backup and restore backup of Galaxy S5. I have written the complete instruction here step by step for you.

Why you need to factory reset Galaxy s5

  1. If you think your phone responding you very slow.
  2. Once you open more than one application on your phone and you get freezing problem due to play games long time or maybe for other issues into your Galaxy S5.
  3. Once you forget your Galaxy S5 pattern lock and you need to restore the password.
  4. You think your phone working good, but suddenly your Galaxy S5 won’t turn on. Then you can try to hard reset via 2nd method as I written below.
  5. If you want to sell your Galaxy S5 and you don’t want to share your personal details other, you may apply this process to format your Galaxy S5 phone.
  6. At last if you need to restore Galaxy S5 default factory settings just for improve your phone performance, you may also apply this hard reset process.

In this post I have written 3 most popular reset process of Galaxy S5. You may apply any of this process to speed up Galaxy S5.

If your Galaxy S5 responding you too slower than normal Smartphone. I mean, while you open multiple apps on your phone and due to this reason if your Galaxy S5 get freeze and not observe your command, you can apply this process for speed up Galaxy S5 and to fixed freezing and hang problem. But if you’re able to access into your Galaxy S5, then you can apply this factory reset process. But if you can’t access your phone then you have to try the next method.

Factory reset Galaxy s5: using settings menu

  1. Turn on your phone and go to settings menuGalaxy reset by menu-1
  1. Scroll down your phone to bottom and select “Back up and reset”.Galaxy Back up and reset by menu-2
  1. And then tap on “Factory data reset” under the Back up and reset menu.Galaxy Factory data reset by menu-3
  1. Now tap on “Reset device” on the next screen.Galaxy reset device-4
  1. Once you tap on “Reset device” on the next screen tap on “Erase everything”.Galaxy Erase Everything by menu-5

Once you tap on Erase now, your Galaxy S5 will reboot itself and your all kind of phone settings, installed apps, customization and all of personal data will erased automatically. So please Back up your all of persona data on PC or any of cloud server like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

How to restore Galaxy s5 factory settings using the hardware keys combinations

If you forget your Galaxy S5 pattern lock / screen lock, and you tried to entire into your phone too many times via using the wrong password or wrong pattern lock, as a result your phone might be locked for couple of hours or maybe 24-48 hours. And now you are not able to access into your Galaxy S5 settings menu, for apply Galaxy S5 factory reset process. Also if your Galaxy S5 won’t turn on then how could you apply Samsung galaxy s5 reset method. Yes still you can fixed your phone via yourself. follow this steps below.

Hard reset Galaxy s5: using hardware keys

  1. Press and hold the Power key to shut down your Galaxy S5.Samsung Galaxy hard reset-turn off

Select power off. If your Galaxy S5 won’t turn on and you don’t have any option for switch off your phone, then you don’t need to shut down it.

  1. Remove your phone battery, wait for 20-30 second and put it back into your phone.
  2. Now press Volume up key, Home button and Power key together until you feel vibrate and see the Galaxy S5 recovery option on the screen.
  3. Now select wipe data/factory reset by using Volume down key and confirm via Power button.

Samsung galaxy wipe data-factory reset

  1. And then on the next screen please select “delete all user data” and confirm via power key.Samsung galaxy delete all user data-2
  1. Once you confirm delete all user data, you can see wiping data on the screen and it will be complete in couple of second.

Samsung galaxy wipe data complete-3

  1. Once Galaxy S5 wiping is complete, then select “reboot system now”.Samsung galaxy reboot system now

Once you confirm reboot system now, your Galaxy S5 will shut down and get back turn ON itself. Once your Galaxy S5 turn on itself, that means your Galaxy S5 hard reset has been completed and it’s restore with Samsung default factory setting. And I hopefully your pattern lock problem will be fixed and you can reset your Galaxy S5 password easily with new pass-code.

When we going to factory reset Galaxy or hard reset Galaxy S5, this may take little time and we need to complete few easy steps for restore Galaxy factory settings. But if you want to do all of these things at once, I mean hard reset your Galaxy just in a simple way. You can just follow 3rd process to reset Samsung galaxy s5 via using factory format reset code.

Reset Samsung galaxy s5: using factory format reset code

  1. At first please turn on your Galaxy S5 and dial this code *2767*3855#Samsung galaxy factory reset by code 1
  1. Once your type this code on your phone, your Galaxy S5 got shut down instantly and will start rebooting itself. Please don’t touch any button; Galaxy S5 will do everything itself.Samsung galaxy factory reset by code step 2

But before you apply this reset code, be sure you backup Galaxy S5. Because once you type this code into your Galaxy S5, you will not get any chance to cancel or don’t have any option to choice.

Everybody likes to use their phone without restore settings and keep it normal for long time as possible. Please follow this tips below to avoid reboot your Galaxy S5 settings for a long time.

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7 Tips to avoid Galaxy s5 factory reset – hang – freezing problem

  1. Update your Galaxy S5 firmware version.
  2. Check out your internal storage from time to time, while you see your Galaxy S5 have low storage on the phone memory, then remove some unwanted apps.
  3. And try to avoid big games which take high space to install and crashed often.
  4. While a games or android apps crashed often, please remove / uninstall that applications and re install the newer version or update that apps this may fixed the unwanted errors on your Galaxy S5.
  5. Install apps into your external storage like SD card slot instead of phone memory, which will help you to avoid slow response and freezing problem of your Galaxy S5.
  6. Try to keep available free space on your phone internal memory that will speed up Galaxy S5 performance.
  7. Scan your phone using antivirus apps, like Avira or others apps that you will get on Google play for free, this process will remove snippet errors from your phone and keep safe your personal information to sync any third-party. (You can get lots of Samsung Galaxy apps on Google play store just for free.)

If you follow these rules I hope you can use your phone for long time without facing any critical problem and you need to factory reset your Galaxy S5 very seldom compared to others.

Samsung galaxy s5 hard reset: What will be happened once you perform this method

Your all of personal details will be erased instantly. All kind of Galaxy settings that you were set before will be formatted automatically once you apply this factory reset process. All of your phone call list, saved phone number, music, videos, and images will be formatted which you saved on the phone memory. But your SD card storage doesn’t have any harmful problem due to this Galaxy formatting.

So I suggest you before apply hard reset method into your Galaxy S5, please don’t forget to backup galaxy S5 into your PC or any cloud server or into your phone internal memory if available.

Backup Galaxy s5: Easy instruction to restore backup on Galaxy S5 step by step

To keep safe from delete / format your contact number, files-folders, music-video and other personal information, this is very essential to back up your phone before perform hard reset method. To do so please follow this steps below.Samsung Galaxy hard reset-turn off


  1. Turn off your phone.factory reset Galaxy S5 - turn off
  1. Now press Volume up key, Home button and Power key together until you feel vibrate and see the Galaxy S5 recovery option on the screen.Galaxy backup - 1
  1. Select Backup and restore via using volume downGalaxy backup - 2
  1. Then select backup or backup to internal sdcard. If you don’t have SD card then select backup. This backup will save on phone internal memory.Galaxy backup - 3
  1. This may take 15-16 minutes to complete backup. So please be patience.Samsung galaxy reboot system now
  1. Once Galaxy S5 Backup complete. Select reboot system now and confirm via power button.

And now if you like to hard reset Galaxy S5 you can perform this process. Once your Galaxy S5 restored with factory settings, then again you can go to the same way step by step to Backup and restore.Galaxy backup - restore

  1. Then under the backup and restore settings, select restore and confirm via Power button.Galaxy backup - restore 2
  1. Once you confirm restore you will get available back date as you backup your phone before. Choice one from them and then confirm via Power button.

Once you confirm then your backup will be restored into your Galaxy S5 with your all data and personal information even browsing history too.

5 Simple tips that’s really works to speed up Galaxy s5

Every user like to make their phone response time faster than normal let’s take a look…

Tips 1: Turned off S voice to make Galaxy S5 faster

Somebody who doesn’t use S voice, do this by going to the phone system settings tapping on S voice and then unchecking the Open via the home key option.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-Tips-1

This results in the home button no longer having to wait and see if you gonna double tap on home button, you will see its responding instantaneously than before. But it’s still not technically instant due to touch with relatively slow animations which just won’t fly in this world where instant gratification is almost the expectation.

Tips 2: To make your Galaxy response time more faster set the window transition and animator skills

It’s doesn’t require any kind of routing or jailbreak as all you have to do is unlock developer options. You can do this by going into the main system settings tapping on about device then hitting on build number option about seven or eight time.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-Tips-2

Until the phone tells you that you are now a developer. After doing that get back into the main system settings tap on the newly available developer options.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5

And then set the window animation scale down to either point by (Animation scale 0.5).factory reset Galaxy s5 - window animation turned off

And cut the transition animation tapped in half (Animation scale 0.5x). Galaxy S5-5

And then turn off the animator duration scale completely.factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

This pretty much result in instantaneous home better response and on the top of that it also means opening and switching between apps feel little bit faster as well.

Tips 3: Lock screen option to speed up Galaxy s5

The third steps in activating beast mode is turning off the lock screen affect which you can do by going to the system settings, going into the lock screen option

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Tapping on the unlock effect option and then finally setting it to none.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Turning off the unlock effect makes getting straight into what you want much faster on Galaxy S5 which can make a pretty big difference when you think about how many times you lock and unlock your phone every day.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Tips 4: uninstall or remove unwanted apps to speed up Galaxy s5

The 4th tips to uninstall or otherwise disable unwanted apps that maybe take up some of those precious system resources despite the fact that you may not even be using them. So to find out which apps are running in the background, go to the main system settings then tap on application manager

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Swipe over to the running tab and take note any apps that you don’t want to use their hugging a brown, once you get an idea of the after you want to remove, swipe over to the all tabs

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Tap on the application that you want to delete or disable and then hit the uninstall or turn off plans.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

So both reports that alone should make the Galaxy S5 be looking much more responsive device. Before we go any further I have to warn you that enabling or uninstall can cause some way absent not work properly. So think long and hard before doing this last step.

Tips 5: Make your Galaxy S5 faster using runtime system

But if you use just need have a speed or you gonna tried out anyways going to the main system settings, go to the previously unlocked developer options tap on Select runtime system

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

Select the Use art option

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

And then finally press the OK button to restart the Galaxy S5.

factory reset galaxy s5-speed up galaxy s5-ResetTips.com

And enable arts along with his more efficient a UT compiler.

Now the difference in speed and responsiveness from all these steps is gonna be night and day as perhaps changing in the physical hardware on the Galaxy S5.

If you faced any other problem into your Galaxy S5 and if it’s not fixed even you apply any of this process, please don’t hesitate to comment below we are always happy to help you.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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