Factory reset htc one: by menu-by phone keys-Backup htc one

//Factory reset htc one: by menu-by phone keys-Backup htc one

Why you need to Factory reset htc one. If you use this phone, you should know about it, why and when you need to reset your htc one. Due to different kind of issues / problems into your htc phone you need to hard reset your htc one. Lets see why… instance once you forget your htc screen password or pattern lock, and you tried all of your possibly password that you can remind, but unfortunately  you entry all of wrong password into your htc one. And due to entry wrong password too many times your htc one might be freeze and get locked for 1-2-3 hours or maybe for one day. In this situation how you can fixed your phone?

As a result you might feel the necessary of factory reset your htc one phone.

Some other reason also can be fixed with this hard reset system. Instance, you playing games on your Htc one for a long time, and you opened multiple apps or games into your phone. After couple of hours your phone might hanged or get freeze and your phone htc one not responding you. I mean your phone may not follow your command what you expect from it. At this time if you want to fix your problem, you need to soft reset your htc one.

Once you see your htc one turned on and off automatically. You may check this out- turn off your htc one, remove phone battery for a while and put it back and then turn it on again. Sometimes due to android software cache issues we faced this kind of problem. But if your problem not solved yet, I suggest you to try htc one hard reset process and I expect this process will work for sure.

In this article below I wrote about 3 most popular ways to fix your htc one snippet or critical problem.

While your htc one get hanged or freeze due to apps cache, playing games for long time, install lots of games and apps even your htc one don’t have appropriate space to run multiple apps at the same time. For fix this kind of issues you may reset your htc phone softly. Follow the process for fix your htc one freezing problem.

Htc one soft reset process

  1. First turn ON your htc one phone.
  2. Press & hold the Power button for few second until appears this screen into your phone.
Factory reset htc one-Soft reset 1

Htc soft reset-1

  1. So as you see on the screen “To restart your phone, Press and hold the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds” So you have to press volume UP and Power button together for 10 seconds.
  2. The process will say, Continue to pressing the Power and Volume UP buttons, restarting in 3..2..1 second.
Factory reset htc one-htc soft reset-2

Soft reset-2

So if your htc one touch screen is not responsible and get freeze you can try this. The htc soft reset process brings everything backup. I hope this tips will help you.

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And now if you forget your htc one pattern lock-screen lock and not able to entry into your phone for apply any reset process to recover your password. You have to hard reset your htc one phone, this is only way which you can apply and get back your htc one into normal mode.

One more thing sometimes we may face another kind of problem as I faced recently, my htc one won’t turn on. I have tried the same thing as I wrote above, I have removed my phone battery and put it back and then tried to turn it on via pressing power button but it won’t. If you also face the same kind of problem into your phone you can apply this method. And I am sure your problem will fixed for sure.

Lean how to factory data reset htc one as called hard reset, I written 3 most popular htc one hard reset process below for you.

Factory reset htc one: using htc one settings menu

Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-1

Reset htc by menu step-1

  1. At first go to your htc one settings menu.
Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-2

Reset htc by menu step-2

  1. Tap on settings and then Backup & reset.
Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-3

Reset htc by menu step -3

  1. Once you tap of Back & reset, then on the next screen select Reset phone.
Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-4

Reset htc by menu-step-4

  1. Then on the next screen select OK.
Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-5

Reset htc by menu-step-5

  1. Once you tap on OK, a popup will appear with this message (You are about to erase all data on this phone including your photos, music and media files. This cannot be reversed. Do you want to continue?) Tap on OK one more time.
Factory reset htc one-by settings menu-6

Reset htc by menu-step-6

  1. You can see your htc one rebooting and restarting

Once you complete these steps carefully, this process will reboot your phone and wipe all your data and bring it back to htc one factory settings.

Hard reset htc one- Factory reset method 2 using phone buttons

  1. Switch off your htc one.
  2. Press and hold the Volume down button and the Power button for few second at the same time until appears this screen into your phone.
Factory reset htc one

Factory reset htc using phone keys

  1. Navigate the Volume down button to select Factory reset.
  2. Then press the Power button to confirm.
Factory reset htc-restart itself

htc restart itself

  1. Once you confirm, your phone will get shut down and restart itself with the htc default factory settings.

Now you can see your htc one don’t have any issues and your pattern/password is unlocked. And now you can set everything as a new phone with new basic information.

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