How to reset a htc phone desire 610 and htc menu test

//How to reset a htc phone desire 610 and htc menu test

How to reset a htc phone. If you are looking to factory reset htc desire 610 as called htc hard reset. I will share my experience about it and give you very easy instruction to do it yourself. Different time’s people faced different kind of problem into their htc phone or any of others Smartphone. Like you may hang or freezing problem into your htc desire 610 due to play games for long time without any break into your phone, as a result fortunately your htc 610 got hanged or freeze. Maybe you worried about how to fix this problem.

If you installed lots of free games into your desire 610, because you like to play games on your Smartphone very much. But at this moment after you faced this freezing problem into your htc desire 610 multiple times, now you think, you should delete or uninstall some unwanted apps or games from your desire 610 or you like to reset your htc desire 610. But you don’t know how to reset a htc phone and for this snippet problem I suggest to reset htc phone softly.

Learn how to reset a htc phone desire 610 softly without lost any of your personal data follow these easy steps

  1. First turn ON your htc desire 610.
  2. Press & hold the Power button for few second until appears this screen into your desire 610.soft reset htc -
  1. So as you see on the screen “To restart your phone, Press and hold the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds” So you have to press volume UP and Power button together for 10 seconds.
  2. The process will say, Continue to pressing the Power and Volume UP buttons, restarting in 3..2..1 second.soft reset htc - 2 -

So if your htc desire 610 touch screen is not responsible and get freeze you can try this. The htc soft reset process brings everything backup. I hope this tips will help you.

But if you faced other than freezing problem into your htc phone, like if you forget your screen password / forget your pattern lock. And unfortunately you reset htc security password too. And now if you don’t have any way to get into the htc recovery mode, if you restore htc desire 610 factory settings via htc hard reset process, I hope your problem will be fixed. And if you don’t know how to reset a htc phone for get back to the recovery mode, for restore htc desire 610 factory settings. Don’t worry I am here to give you the perfect and easy instruction about it.

 But before you apply for htc factory reset process that’s called htc hard reset, let’s see at a glance why you need to hard reset htc desire 610

  1. If you like to remove your personal data due to sell your htc desire 610 to someone.
  2. Maybe you forgot screen lock password or pattern lock or might be you reset recovery option password.
  3. When you want to fix htc desire 610 freezing problem, hanging or slow response.
  4. If you like to resolve unexpected games or apps crashing.
  5. If you like to restore your htc desire 610 factory settings.

If you faced this kind of problem into your htc 610, then I suggest you may apply for htc desire 610 hard reset processes.

But if you don’t face any of these problems into your htc desire, you don’t need to reset htc phone and my writing is meaningless. But if you suffered any problem into your phone and if my writing help you little I will be very happy.

Learn how to reset a htc phone, follow these steps to factory reset htc desire 610, as called hard reset htc desire 610

  1. Switch off your htc desire 610.
  2. Remove the phone battery wait for few second and put it back.
  3. Then press volume down button & power button
  4. Press this both of buttons until you see htc desire 610 recovery screens.htc_wipe_data_factory_reset
  1. Into this recovery screen you will see couple of option for reset your htc Smartphone.
  2. Please go down with the volume down & select factory reset or wipe data.
  3. Once you select factory reset by volume down, please confirm this by power button.

Wait for a while almost 2 minutes or so. Your HTC desire 610 going to process all function reset via itself. Once your phone reboot itself and back ON. That means your htc desire 610 has been reset with the default factory settings.

3 helpful htc tips which will improve your user experience

Htc phone menu test

Type this code *#*#3424#*#* into your htc phone, you will see this screen belowhtc-menu-test-1

Tap on accept, once you accept you will see HTC Function Test Menus as belowhtc menu test 2

Select any of menu option that you want to test, then tap on Run, then tap off, once you tap OFF, a popup will show this message(Does it work normally?) tap on Yes. Now back light is ON. Restart the process back, as tap ON. As you can see the screen shot belowhtc menu test 3

And again as like before once you tap ON, a popup will show this message (Does it work normally?) tap on Yes.

In these same process you can test every menu of your htc 610 like (Audio Test, Bluetooth Test, Charger Test, Headset Test, SD card + Camera Test, Wi-Fi Test, Backlight Test, Button Test, G-Sensor Test, Line Drawing Test, Vibrator Test) etc.

how to reset a htc phone – reboot to safe mode

Tap & hold the power button until you see this popup screen “Reboot to safe mode” tap on restart, once your htc phone restarted you can see the noticeable Safe mode feature. And to disable / remove the Safe mode just switch off and turn it ON the phone that’s Safe mode 1

You can see the screenshot below as your htc phone now in “safe mode” and for disable safe mode just re start your htc phone and it’s back to Safe mode 2

How to enable htc USB debugging

For debug htc USB via developer options, you have to enable developer option. To enable developer option swipe top notification for settings menu, or from your home screen you can go to Settings > About > Software information > More > touch Build number seven times.HTC Developer option 1

After hit 7 times on Build number, then you are now a developer for your htc desire 610.HTC Developer option 2

And now to enable htc USB debugging please go to Settings > Developer options > once you see developer options popup tap hit OK. Now you can enable USB debugging. Tap on USB debugging under the developer options, a popup message will appear to you, Allow USB debugging? Tap on OK.HTC USB Debuging

How to know your htc desire 610 menu information

Just tap on yes button and dial this code *#*#4636#*#* once you dial this code an info menu will appear to youtest htc menu info

You can know your Phone information, Battery information, Usage statistics, Wi-Fi information by tap on this each menu.

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